IoTSF Plenary Group Chair Appointment

We are delighted to announce that Richard Marshall, Managing Consultant at Xitex ltd, has been appointed as the Plenary Group Chair of the IoT Security Foundation (IoTSF).

The IoTSF was established in response to emerging threats that were found in the Internet of Things applications. It’s mission is to secure the Internet of Things. This is done by promoting and teaching good practice in appropriate security to users. Xitex are pleased to be a founder member of the IoTSF. 

Upon appointment as Plenary Group Chair, Richard commented: “I see the issue of security as a cornerstone to the adoption of the Internet of Things… I am honoured to be leading the Plenary.”

The Plenary Group of the IoTSF is a forum for central members to identify any challenges that they are facing. As Richard highlighted, “The industry urgently needs to address the issue of security or face the risk of heavy regulation and a potential loss of confidence in the markets”. Through the IoTSF Plenary Group, members can raise their concerns to active working groups. From here, these active working groups can then determine appropriate measures and outcomes. Typically they form best practice guidelines which fall under the simple requirement of being accessible, useful and actionable.

Dr John Haine, Chair of the IoTSF Executive Steering Board, said: “We’re really pleased to welcome Richard as the Plenary Chair. It is important that the IoTSF membership is able to determine its technical priorities and organise its’ work, and Richard’s combination of experience and talents will be a real boost in that area.”

Please find further details at the Internet of Things Security Foundation’s website.

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