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DigiCatapult, Xitex, Arrow, SonyUKTEC & Microsoft have detailed the entire process of IoT hardware new production introduction

The internet of things represents one of the biggest current business opportunities, as it underpins the digitisation of our economy, a transition towards what is hailed as the fourth industrial revolution. Digital Catapult, Xitex, Microsoft & Arrow recently published a guide ” “IoT Hardware from Prototype to Production Guide” for #startups and #scaleups.

Xitex is delighted to have been the lead author in the project in conjunction with the @DigiCatapult.

About the IoT Hardware from Prototype to Production Guide

Taking wireless IoT based products into production involves a variety of challenges. This paper is intended to provide guidance to navigate the entire process of IoT hardware production from the building of a basic prototype up to production at volume and end of product life. For each of these hardware manufacturing stages, the report highlights important considerations such as where to focus energy and provides a clearer understanding of the expectations that design and manufacturing partners may have, so an engagement with these can become more successful.

Target Audience

Digital Catapult’s IoT hardware from prototype to production guide is designed for UK entrepreneurs, startups and scaleups who are keen to launch hardware based IoT products and services.

Link to guide, which opens in a new tab can be found here:

Other resources and whitepapers on IoT development and security can be found at

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